About Sapex Doors

Sapex Doors is a Brand built by Shanthi Vijaya Saw Mill.

Shanthi Vijaya Saw Mill are the pioneers in the wooden market. Shanthi Vijaya Saw Mill is one of the best traders and suppliers of wooden products in India. We also have hand in the Doors Market all around India. We are making Solid Premium Quality Teak Wood Doors for almost 35 Years now. Making Doors traditionally with help of Technology make us different from others.

We traditionally Hand Carve the doors to create beautiful Sapex Carving Doors which encourage the skills provided by our ancestors and also encourage the craftsmen to get innovative ideas for unique designs.

Apart from tradition we also believe technology will be an important role for growth of any sector. So we introduce to you a brand new segment of doors, “Digitally Designed Doors”. These are designs designed with the help of AI powered Computers and Machines. This tech revolutionized the image of designing any kind of Wooden Doors with thousands of designs to choose around and we chose some among them.

Maintaining Indian recitals is a must. So we also keep knowledge of Pooja Doors. With satisfactory Carving and Bellholes, we provide you Temple like feeling at home.
Adding all three perks of doors we provide you full fledged verity of Doors for your Home.


Our priority will be to have beautiful doors in every home in India. We will work hard to make sure our clients will have ZERO Complaints from us.


Every organization wants to be on top of the compositors table, but we want to be in top of the table where quality is most important factor. So our Vision is to become best quality door manufacturers.